Fleece Lined Waterproof Snugs


Suitable for wheelchairs and special needs buggies, this cosy, fleece lined snug keeps lap, legs and feet warm and dry on chilly days. Slips on and off without the child leaving the chair. Legs are placed into the snug like a sleeping bag, the snug is then pulled up over the lap attaching to the child using a strap that goes round their back, (can be used with or without the strap.) The inner fleece lining detaches so the snug can be worn without the fleece on warmer days to keep legs and feet dry. Combine this with a back fastening jacket or a fleece lined cape for total warmth.

Side fastening version available for those who wear footstraps

  • 100% nylon waterproof outer shell
  • 100% polyester inner fleece lining
  • Inner fleece lining can be detached and machine washed at 30 degrees, tumble drying not recommended
  • Attaches to the child and not the chair
  • Can be used in any wheelchair, special needs buggies and car seats

Sizes (length of snug)

  • Age 3-5, small 30″/76cm
  • Age 6-8, medium 35″/89cm
  • Age 9-11, large 39″/100cm
  • Age 12+, teen 42″/107cm
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